25.04.2011 15:34:02

Well Hello Monday! We couldn't have asked for a better Easter weekend! Spending time with family and friends, great weather and great food, you can never go wrong!

New special starting this week!!! Our Fuchsia Crush is now 20% off until Saturday April 30, 2011! Call the office @ 210-736-1153 for prices and sizes! Don't forget; first come, first serve basis!


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20.04.2011 15:16:17

Hey there!

Just to let everyone know, Brigman Enterprises has decided to bring back the special of the week! With that being said, there are a couple of rules:
* All orders must be placed with in the week of the special, no exceptions.
* Tax is not included in the discounted price.
* All orders are on a first come, first served basis.

So beginning April 25th the first special of the week of 2011 will be:

 20 % OFF Fuchsia Crush 132" RDs!

Have a great weekend and Go Spurs Go!

  special | brigman enterprises | tax | fuchsia | Spurs | discount | rules | 2011 | 20% off | crush | 132
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19.04.2011 18:11:14

Hello Readers!

A LOT has happened since our last blog, our apologies we have been a tad on the busy side!!! Here are some things you may have missed:

*The Valero Texas Open 2011 was held at the JW Marriott again this year, and what a turnout! We had such a blast setting up for all the events, and we hope those of you who were able to attend the Open this year had a wonderful time as well!  Everything was beautiful and finally some cooperative weather!

*Also, we just recently did a photo shoot with San Antonio Weddings, so be sure and look for us in the upcoming July 2011 issue!!!

* Hooray for another successful Fiesta season! We had a couple great Fiesta parties this year as well! How can it get any better than partying it up with an entire city for a week!?!

We at Brigman Enterprises hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend! Keep checking back with us- pictures from all of our recent events will be uploaded ASAP :)

For you San Antonians- Keep rooting on our Spurs during the playoffs!


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16.03.2011 17:18:05

Hey there!

Sorry to all of our readers out there, it has been a while since our last blog! It's hard to believe that Spring Break is already here, much less Fiesta in a few weeks! What a crazy and wonderful first quarter of the year it has been for us here at Brigman!

We recently put a couple of events together at Pearl Stables and The Blue Star Art Center! For the Pearl Stable event, " Denim and Diamonds" was the theme! We used Denim table cloths and dazzled it up with a silver charger and silver satin napkins with a little diamond flair! Crystal chandelier centerpieces brought the whole table together!

At the Blue Star, a bold combination of black crush and red satin made for an eye popping wedding reception! Pictures of both events will be up ASAP!

Also, for those of you needing linen and props for your Fiesta event, now is the time to hurry and reserve it before it's too late!



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05.10.2010 17:30:56

~99 percent of grooms do the proposing.
~15 percent of proposals occur in December.
~The average American engagement lasts 14 months.
~The average diamond engagement ring is $2,000.
~During the engagement period, couples buy:
$4 billion in furniture
$3 billion in housewares
$400 million in tableware
~Every year an average of 2.4 million weddings are performed in the U.S.
~Today's median age for first-time brides is 27 years. For grooms, it's 29 years.
~The median age for remarriage is 34 for brides and 37 for grooms.
~$27,852 is the average amount spent on a traditional American wedding.
~Each weekend an average of 44,230 weddings take place.
~23 million bridesmaids and groomsmen attend brides and grooms each year.
~The average number of wedding guests is 165.
~88 percent of Americans marry at least once in their lifetime.
~One-third of those getting married have been married previously.
~A total of $72 billion is spent on weddings annually in the U.S.
~Weddings represent a $50 billion annual industry.
~Who pays for the wedding? In 30% of cases, it's the brides' parents. Nearly one-third — 32% of brides and grooms — pay for it themselves. And 15% of couples share the cost with both sets of parents contributing.
~$19 billion is spent buying presents at wedding gift registries.
~More than 91 percent of couples register for wedding gifts.
~The average amount spent on a wedding gift is in the $70-$100 range.
~The average amount spent on wedding rings for the couple is $1,016.
~The average amount spent on a bridal gown is $800.
~David's Bridal accounts for 20% of all bridal-gown sales.
~Queen Victoria, who married Prince Albert in 1840, popularized the white wedding gown. She wore a white silk and lace gown with an 18-foot train at their wedding.
~Tuxedoes are typically purchased 5-6 months after the wedding gown.
~Bridesmaids' gowns are generally purchased 3-4 months in advance of the event.
~67% of women continue to wear the same fragrance they wore on their wedding day.


  bride | groom | wedding | wedding day | tuedoes | bridal-gown | wedding-gown | event | guest | bridesmaid | groomsmen
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28.09.2010 19:03:26

We are doing three Movable Feasts to raise money for the new Boerne Public Library. Three hosts have chosen a book from the library to inspire the theme of their party - this was Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. To create this party we incorporated many of the details from the book, including the entrance to Camp Half Blood, stone children, magical fire, and of course lightning bolts. Allow us to bring the magic and adventure to your next event.

  library | Percy jackson and the Lightning Thi | Boerne Publlic Library | party
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14.09.2010 19:04:36

Brigman Enterprises, Inc. and Alamo Plants and Petals have teamed up again to create a masterpiece! The wedding was done in White Crush and Citron Green! Check out our photos!





  the argyle | crush | white | citron | green | alamo
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10.09.2010 15:58:09

Here are a few facts to get your weekend started, Enjoy!

September is:
Fruit and Veggies Month
Little League Month

It is also a month with quite a few anniversaries! Here are a few for this weekend!

* 250 years ago; The Seven Years War- The French surrendered Canada to the British.

* The sewing machine was patented in 1846.

* California became the 31st state in 1850.

* Elvis Presley first appeared on the Ed Sullivan show in 1956!

* The Beatles recorded their 1st single " Love Me Do" in 1962.

* Ellis Island opened a museum in 1990.

* This weekend will be 9 years since the attack on 9/11.

* 70 years ago the Lascaux Caves in France discovered in 1940.


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!

  september | september anniversaries | 9/11 | elvis | Ellis Island | sewing machine | fruit and veggie month | little league | california | beatles | lascaux caves
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09.09.2010 17:09:51

Brigman Enterprises, Inc. will be moving to a new location here in San Antonio!!!

Check back with us!

Details of the new place to come soon! :)


  moving | place | new | San Antonio | location
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07.09.2010 15:20:11

Our special for the week of 9/6/10- 9/12/10 will be our "Pewter Taffeta"


Pewter Taffeta comes in 132" Rounds and will be 30% OFF this week only!!!

** Special is subject to availability!

  special | week | taffeta | pewter | pewter taffeta | 132" rounds | discount
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31.08.2010 18:23:10

The Holiday Season is quickly approaching!! Who is even ready for the holidays to begin!?

 Well ok,maybe at least the  weather would be a nice change! :)

Make your holiday season worry free and book your parties today!


Holiday Countdown!

Halloween= 60 days
Thanksgiving=87 Days
Christmas=116 days
New Years= 121 days!

  holiday parties | holiday | party | christmas | new years | thanksgiving | halloween
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30.08.2010 14:51:49

Our special for the week of  August 30, 2010 - September 5, 2010 will be our Chocolate Pintuck!

Chocolate Pintuck comes in the following sizes:

108" RD
120" RD
132" RD
90 x 90"

For this week ONLY, Chocolate Pintuck is 30% OFF!!!

* Please note: This special is subject to availability!

  chocolate | pintuck | special | 30%
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27.08.2010 16:56:31

Hooray! Another Friday! 

Here are some fun facts to fill your day! Enjoy!

  1.  The King Ranch in Texas is bigger than the state of Rhode Island!
  2. El Paso, TX is closer to Needles, California than it is to Dallas, TX.
  3. Flamingos are pink because they eat shrimp.
  4. Cats have over 100 vocal chords.
  5. Almonds are also apart of the peach family.
  6. Popcorn was invented by American Indians.
  7. Charlie Brown's father was a barber.
  8. Al Capone's business card said he was a used furniture dealer.
  9. The average garden caterpiller has 248 muscles in its head.
  10. Oak trees do not produce acorns unless they are 50 years of age or older!
  11. A Boeing 747's wingspan is longer than the Wright Brothers' first flight.
  12. American Airlines saved $ 40,000 in 1987 by eliminating 1 olive from each salad served in first class.
  13. Pearls melt in vinegar.
  14. Americans on average eat 18 ACRES of pizza every day!
  15. On average, people fear spiders more than they do death.
  16. Apples, not caffeine, are more efficient at waking you up in the morning.
  17. Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise.
  18. The liquid inside young coconuts can be used as a substitute for blood plasma.
  19. Butterflies taste with their feet.
  20. All polar bears are left- handed.

 I hope everyone has a great friday and a wonderful weekend! :)


  friday | facts | texas
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19.08.2010 15:21:04

 We all know that events, parties, and weddings can get rather spendy! So why not do it yourself!? There are literally so many ways to have beauty on a budget!

The most alluring configurations can be done in just a few simple steps!


Seen above is a very simple yet artistic napkin treatment!  You can do the same in just a few easy steps!!!

First: Take a napkin of your choice and fold it so there is a spot for your menu card!

Second: Hand print your menu on plain or fun paper ( it looks great, its easy, and will help you stick to your budget!)

Third: A spider mum was placed on the napkin, but feel free to use any flower of your choice!

Last: A hand painted butterfly was set on the flower.


Remember to have fun with it! Use your imagination and watch your possibilities become infinite!




  budget | infinite | possibilites | printed | menu card | diy | imagination | napkin | butterfly | spider mum | napkin treatment
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18.08.2010 15:18:58

Not so sure about a wedding during summer?  This wedding might change your mind!  Our hottest wedding of the summer goes to the Capparelli's!



How beautiful is the crystal beaded curtain with the hot pink lights! What a way to make a cake " pop"!

Brigman Enterprises, Inc. would like to specifically thank the following people:

Teresa from Elan Imaging


Cathy from Cathy Young Cakes

Sue from Alamo Plants & Petals


Without you ladies, this wedding wouldn't have been such a great success!!!


  pink lights | crystal beads | Capparelli | summer | black and white | black | pink | hot pink
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13.08.2010 17:00:29

Hey there!!!

This weekend, we have a quincenera, and a Mad Hatter themed party! Just wanted to keep all of you updated so next week, you can come check out the pictures and see how everything turned out!

We have our first "Special of the Week" beginning 8/16/2010.


"Warhol"- Feelin Groovy? If bright colors are your thing, now is the perfect opportunity for your dream event to become a reality!  Because this is a special, it will last only the week of 8/16- 8/23 and has a flat rate of just $12.00!!!

Also, a little fun fact for the readers- Monday, August 16 is the last day of Elvis Week 2010!



I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! In light of the "Friday the 13th" weekend, I am going to share a few random, but fun facts with you! Enjoy :)

Fact:  there is actually a phobia of Friday the 13th? It is called: friggatriskaidekaphobia

Fact: an estimated 17 to 21 million people in the United States are affected by fear of this day!

Fact: The opening ceremony of the Athens Olympic Games took place on Friday, August 13, 2004.

Fact:  Next year, Friday the 13th will be in May.

Fact: Every Friday, the 13th, thousands of bikers ride to the small town of Port Dover Ontario, Canada.


Happy Friday Everyone!! Have a great weekend! :)




  orange | bright | groovy | warhol | special | 13 | friday | friday the 13th | elvis | theme | party | mad hatter | quincenera | yellow | green
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06.08.2010 17:45:25

For those of you who missed it, June 17th, Four Sisters Catering presented the Grand Opening of The 2900 Estate!!!


" Flower Power" Themed Room!




Awesome centerpiece photo!

 Overview of the indoors!

One of the tables!


Come check in with us at Brigman Enterprises, Inc. daily!!!  We will begin having weekly specials, Wednesday wedding inspirations , along with great topics and fun facts for the week!

  grand | floral | black | crystal | aqua | lime | tangerine | orange | flower power | opening | sisters | catering | four
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05.08.2010 16:31:02

 Get Inspired for your Corporate Event...from Electic Blues to Basketball Hoops, the possibilites are endless!!

  Corporate themes | events | blues night | blues | copper | basketball | hoops | orange | crushed | satin | theme | pintuck | cityscape | possibilities | endless
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04.05.2010 21:08:22

Concan, Texas is at the heart of Garner State Park in Southern Texas and the perfect setting for a good 'ole country chic wedding!  To create this memorable evening, we started with the backdrop for the evening, The Concan Country Club, which allowed for the ceremony and reception locations.  The wedding was coordinated by Tina Humphrey of Diamonds and Dreams, while Gene and Tony from Ambiance Floral created a rustic setting with the flowers.  Cover That Up! and Brigman Enterprises provided all the linen, draping, and lighting for the event.  Congratulations to the bride and groom and enjoy looking at all the pics below!

 Custom Cake Treatment



Rehearsal Dinner       


 Place Card Table






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21.04.2010 21:54:20

I have taken the easy way out and left this wedding blog to the wonderful Shy Photography...


This was a beautiful wedding on Easter weekend and the photos are amazing!  Congratulations Valeria and David!

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