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16.03.2011 17:18:05

Hey there!

Sorry to all of our readers out there, it has been a while since our last blog! It's hard to believe that Spring Break is already here, much less Fiesta in a few weeks! What a crazy and wonderful first quarter of the year it has been for us here at Brigman!

We recently put a couple of events together at Pearl Stables and The Blue Star Art Center! For the Pearl Stable event, " Denim and Diamonds" was the theme! We used Denim table cloths and dazzled it up with a silver charger and silver satin napkins with a little diamond flair! Crystal chandelier centerpieces brought the whole table together!

At the Blue Star, a bold combination of black crush and red satin made for an eye popping wedding reception! Pictures of both events will be up ASAP!

Also, for those of you needing linen and props for your Fiesta event, now is the time to hurry and reserve it before it's too late!



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